The Wrap Party

As professional planners we must remind ourselves that although every event has a start time… it also has an end time! After weeks, months, and sometimes years of planning you have put every ounce of detail and energy into your program, and now it’s over. When the closing remarks and the strike are complete, do you often ask yourself “Now what?”

We have gathered some of our favorite spots to chill, relax and treat yourself to a job well-done after your Boston event!

For The Planner Who…Wants a Drink

Tired of making decisions? Go to Drink and they will create a custom drink just for you based on answers to some simple questions! This modern-day speakeasy is dedicated to the craft of cocktails, where bartenders chip ice from a crystal-clear ice block and finely muddle herbs to create truly unique cocktail!Think it can’t get much better?  What if we told you it’s less than half a mile away from the Boston Conference and Exhibition Center, one of the largest convention centers in the Northeast!?Cheers!

Photos Courtesy of Drink Fort Point Facebook

For The Planner Who…Wants to Unwind

Exhale the stale air of the meeting room and inhale the fresh,salty air at Castle Island! Located just a few minutes outside downtown Boston, Castle Island is a favorite local spot, especially during the warmer months.  It anchors Pleasure Bay Beach at the northern tip of a 3-mile stretch of South Boston beaches, with beautiful skyline views. Take a stroll along the Harborwalk and let the sea breeze carry your worries and stress away!

Photos Courtesy of Boston Central

For The Planner Who…Wants to Let Loose

Let your hair down, swap out your business suit for something a little more comfortable and hit the town! Whether you need to takeout some frustration on some bowling pins or dance the night away there is a place in every Boston neighborhood for that. If you’re in the Fenway area, bask in the neon glow of Lucky Strikes Social for gaming, bowling, and beers.  If you’re looking for something that will really get your feet moving, head over to the Seaport and stop at GRAND, Boston’s newest nightclub.It’s about time you felt like a VIP!

Photos Courtesy of Lucky Strike Social and The Grand

For The Planner Who… Needsto Keep Going

The chairs are stacked, the last attendees are gone, and you have so much adrenaline running through your body that you can’t seem to turn your brain off! You may need a hands-on experience at the New England Aquarium! Get up close and personal with some rays and sharks.Reach out and touch these magnificent creatures as they glide gracefully through the water.  If cute seals and sea lions are your thing, then head over to the Marine Mammal Center and watch them fly through the water and play in the open-air exhibit! We promise you won’t bethinking about work here!

Photos Courtesy of the New England Aquarium

You may live for the thrill of running a great event, but let’s face it, by the end of the event, you’re wiped!  Take time for yourself to reflect and relax after a big or complex event. Not only does your brain need to decompress, it also needs to move back to a healthy equilibrium.  Reward yourself and appreciate your achieved goals to ensure you’ll have the motivation you need for your next event!

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