The One to Watch

This week, the Advisory Board of Special EventsMagazine named nxtevent’s Senior Director, Program and EventManager, Katelyn Hill, CPCE, DMCP as one of the Top 25 Young Event Pros toWatch. This list honors the 25 young event professionals, under the age of40, throwing the spotlight on their talents and plans. Hill describes herselfas “Boston-born and world-inspired,” a background that enables her to overseeher team. “On-site, I am the quarterback calling it play by play, with sharpevent intuition and logistical precision. I am where ever I need to be, as wellas the custodian of the dream-weaving, or an on-site solutions engineers.” Sheadds, “I think what makes me a great leaders is that I have a great team – ateam I have hired and evolved. I have invested in my team, by developing themto be the top of their game and the best event professionals on the rise”.Founder and CEO of nxtevent, Ally O’Connor describes Hill as “extraordinarilycreative with design, solving problems and solving finanical challenges. She’snot just a rising star; she’s a leader, motivator and one of the nicest,well-liked young professional in Boston”.

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