More Than An Acronym

Our industry loves a good acronym. One of the most remarkable things in working within the hospitality industry is the number of abbreviations and unique terms we use. PDR -- Private Dining Room; BEO -- Banquet Event Order; POS -- Point of Sale; FOH -- Front of House, just to name a few, and most importantly, DMC -- Destination Management Company. Our brains are going a mile a minute, so instead of referring to the entire phrase we shorten it to its rightful acronym. What is so important about these acronyms? Well, some of these acronyms stand for Certifications and Accreditation that a destination managers and hospitality professionals should carry. These standardized certifications are the client’s guarantee that an individual or a DMC is up to date with the latest knowledge and research within the industry.

So, what certifications should you be looking at, when looking for a professional DMC for your next program?


Accredited Destination Management Company is an accreditation program by the Association of Destination Management Executives International. It recognizes DMCs that meet and adhere to ADMC standards. To become an ADMC, a DMC must meet and adhere to seventeen strict standards, such as having at least one DMCP on staff (psst… we have multiple)! This program is designed to elevate professional standards and designate firms that demonstrate advanced knowledge and experience essential to the practice of destination management.The ADMC designation assists the meeting planning community by identifying and qualifying standards and criteria that are indicative of the highest quality Destination Management service providers. The accreditation is reevaluated annually, to keep the standards consistent. At nxtevent, we have been an Accredited Destination Management Company since 2015 and will continue to deliver exceptional service to our guests! 


Destination Management Certified Professional is earned by professionals who demonstrate the highest level of knowledge and commitment tothe destination management profession. This is one of the hardest certifications, and our staff is proud to display those letters at the end of their names! To earn the DMCP designation, an individual must have multiple years of relevant destination management experience in the field a swell as continued engagement in industry related communities and education. Did you know that at nxtevent we have three staff members that have achieved this certification and at least two more members that will become certified in the near future?


Certified Incentive Specialist is an entry-level certification program, aimed to introduce emerging professionals or junior executives, learn the fundamentals of incentives, and achieve a higher understanding on the marketing and sales part of the business. The program is designed to elevate the quantity and quality of professionals in the incentive travel industry. Our team, at nxtevent, specializes in incentive trips ranging from 50-500 guests. We deliver events that are Boston Born and World Inspired.


Certified Meeting Professional is a certification launched to enhance the knowledge and performance of meeting professionals, promote the status and credibility of the meeting profession, and advance uniform standards of practice. Today, the CMP credential is recognized globally as the badge of excellence in the meeting, convention, exhibition, and event industry. The qualifications for certification are based on professional experience, education, and a rigorous exam.

Another good trick at finding professional DMCs is looking at the local Convention and Visitors Bureau to check if the DMC is a member. This signals the commitment of the DMC and shows they have knowledge, insight, and they are a professional part of the destination.

If you are looking for a team that you can count on, and with the accreditation and certifications to back it up...... give us a call!

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